Relationships – How Public is Your Social Relationship?

04 Oct

I was having a discussion with Kyra Robinson on my internet show a couple weeks ago about how different celebrities handle their private/public relationships. I was talking about how Kim Kardashian makes her relationship extremely public she wants to be seen and Kyra said that is no different than what some regular people do on Facebook and Twitter.  I had never thought of that comparison before, how people use Facebook and Twitter to broadcast everything about their relationship. Then you have some who might be in a relationship for months but you would never know it by looking at their page.

I put people into 3 groups based on celebrity relationships. (My grouping is dependent on people in dating relationships not marriage.)

  • Jay Z and Beyonce dont really talk about their relationship. Remember when they never mentioned they were dating even 4 years into them dating and everybody already knowing. “What Wedding?”. Whenever Beyonce mentioned Jay Z as her husband the world stopped cause its always a surprise when they acknowledge each other. Have you ever seen a picture of them kissing?
  • Will and Jada Smith are more public with their relationship. Doing interviews together elaborating on their parenting style and how their relationship work. very touchy feely. Their kids are in a business are in the public eye as well. But it always seems like they are in control of how the relationship is displayed. Black folks damn near lost their mind when their seperation story got going. People thought black love would stop if Will and Jada broke up.
  • Kris and Kim Kardashian Humphries This is a business relationship. They dated for 6 months and he proposed to her so they can get the proposal done in time to make the season premiere of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ They will deny this of course cause Kim has finally found her man. Dont worrry about Reggie Bush, Miles Austin, her old body guard, Kanye West and whoever else she was linked to. She likes to complain about the negative press she gets even though her entire existence is based on staying in the press.


  • They dont have a relationship status
    • Not Single
    • Not Complicated
    • Not In a Relationship
    • Hell you might not even get a birthdate
  • You can look through all their photos and not figure out who they might be dating
    • All their pictures with the opposite sex are very brother-sister looking
    • No pictures involving PDA
  • Status updates are simple
    • They will talk about their good friends
    • What they saw on TV
    • Nothing real personal
  • Only huge POSITIVE changes in their lives make them change their style
    • Pregnant
    • Engaged
    • Married

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

  • They will say they are in a relationship but there wont be a name involved
  • You can kind of figure out who they are dating cause this person is in a lot of photos
    • Very limited PDA
    • The pictures of them with their significant others usually have other people in the picture
    • You may see some date pictures
  • May talk about their partner in their status
    • They dont tag them in their status
    • Usually uses only nicknames, my boo, my baby, daddy longstroke. etc

Keeping up with the Kardashians

  • Uses every option of Relationship Status while in a relationship
    • You know they are in a relationship and with who
    • They change their status to its complicated to send a message when they are not happy
    • They will unfriend their significant other when they are not happy
    • They cant wait for people to comment and ask questions so they can brush it off
  • Damn near all their photos have their boo in it
    • PDA all day
      • You know bout those kissing pictures
      • They may have one of those cheesy fake background picture
    • Probably have a vacation photo album
      • Some kind of tropical vacation
      • Roses on Bed type pictures
      • Balcony pics
      • If they are broke…Motel Pics with Mad Dog on Ice
    • They love reading comments on their pics
      • “I love this pic of yall”
      • “So cute together”
      • “He aint hitting it like I was”
  • They like to use their status to complain
    • “Why are people so nosey all up in my business?”
      • Hey stupid you putting your business out there.
    • They like to mention haters
      • Ex’s
      • Their partners ex’s
      • People trying to get with their man/woman
    • They make cryptic status updates to leave their friends confused about the status of relationship
      • “Some days I can only cry”
      • “I need to reevaluate the people in my life”

For all those people that like that Kardashian type attention remember Kim is getting PAID to put all her business out there. Once you put your relationship out there for everyone to see it’s not only your relationship but everyone else’s.

  • Can a man and  woman work if they are part of 2 different categories?
  • What are some other characteristics of these categories?
  • Dont you wish Facebook actually added relationship status’ like this

  • This was the conversation I had with Kyra that got this post kicked off.

Relationships- Say What??? That’s Not Your Penis!!

29 Sep

This quote came from a friend of mine while we were discussing some man issues she was having. I will get to the man issues in a second but first lets talk about that quote. That has to be the first time I have heard a girl say that when describing how good the sex is with somone.

Usually when a woman has a man they dont want to share them with anyone. And if he blowing her back out she definitely doesnt want anyone else getting a piece of them. Thats why when she said this to me I thought it was hilarious. Now I know she wasnt being literal but the thought of her being such a good friend that she will lend out her man so her girls can experience mind blowing sex is hilarious to me.  Like she is lending her new iPad out so they can get a feel for what is the best product on the market.

Can you imagine the conversation when the friend brings him back:

“Damn girl I never knew.”

“I know right, did he do that thing with his dick when he was inside you. I told him to do that for you”

“Yup yup he did I had to make him stop it was feeling so good”

“Yeah I have gotten use to it. I know how to handle it better now”

Now you think with a woman with a man putting it on her like this she should have no issues. Well she does and she brought it up to me. He doesnt sweat her. He isnt all over her. He isnt calling/texting her all the time. And its driving her nuts. She says when she texts him he sometimes responds immediately or the next day. He will call her randomly just to see how her day is going but then wont hear from him for days.

She is a beautiful girl with a body so ridiculous that it makes you believe that God actually hand crafted her himself. So she is used to men pursuing her and the fact that the one she wants is treating her so nonchalantly  is again making her crazy.  Now another fact about this situation is she lives in New York and he lives in Miami. She met him earlier this year while visiting South Beach and saw him again recently on another visit. She is 25 he is 32. Her question to me was should she just forget about him and let him go or continue trying to make it work?

My Response:

  • That’s not your penis!
    • That penis is a rental for whenever you are down in south beach. Like you rent a car you rent the penis for the weekend and then you go home there is no commitment. You dont take the car home to NY do you?
  • Most women I know dont give up on good penis!
    • As long as he isn’t doing you wrong as in beating or cheating why would you not continue using this man for good sex when you go on vacation.
    • Remember that’s not your penis so he cant cheat.
  • Why the hell would he be pursuing you?
    • You live in NY he lives in Miami!!! If he comes to NY have fun when you go to Miami have fun.
    • He already beat it up. And he knows you LOVE THE DICK!!! There is no reason for him to be chasing you. You have been caught!
  • Stop thinking about other women partaking in that good sex!!!
    • This is where women really lose their mind about men they are messing with. Even though that is not your penis and you can not claim it you dont want him doing the things to make you squeal to some random broad.
    • The thinking about him having sex with other women will drive you crazy even if you dont know what he is doing with his penis.
    • Once you get to this point take a step back and breathe always remember to go to bullet point one. Repeat it out loud if you have to. “That is not my penis…That is not my penis” (I recommend you do this when you are by yourself.)

Ladies I get it vacation sex with a local can be exciting and great. And it can feel even greater cause you can keep in touch via texting, calling, facebook, twitter, and whatever else. He is going to say all the right things cause again he already caught you and he knows you love the dick. But dont get caught up thinking he is the one. Cause you might be his one…of many!

  • Ladies what have you said or heard someone say to describe great sex?
  • Can men feel the same way?
  • Can vacation sex turn into a good relationship?
  • And why is that brother cheesing so hard in the picture above?

Relationships – Are You a One Stop Shop???

16 Sep

I was having a nice little conversation with @ChaseyInc on twitter today. I was joking with her saying she might have crazy tendencies cause all women have some sort of crazy tendency. She responded with “I don’t have any crazy tendencies. I’m just a spoiled brat..but trust I spoil in return. I’m a believer of the ’1 stop shop’ rule!”

Of course I asked what is the ’1 stop shop’ rule. She responds by saying “If you want a complete man, you have to offer a complete package: Lover, Friend, #1 Fan, all that..or some1 will fill in the blanks. So if your mate gives you everything, you must give him everything in’s only fair. Hence the term ‘one stop shop’.”

I thought that was a cute analogy and it got me thinking? How many people can honestly say they are a ‘one stop shop’ and how many people are actually looking for a ‘one stop shop’?

I mean when I think about a one stop shop it would be a Super Walmart or Target. But there are other kind of stores to shop at so what kind of mate would those be. You have specialty stores like the ones on 5th ave that makes women lose their minds. Then you have your grocery stores where you get your food and sustenance. Then you have something like a dollar general that is a cheap cheap cheap version of a Walmart or Target. So I compared each store to the type of mate it best described…

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Whether You Agree with Me or Not. Remember I am ALWAYS RIGHT sometimes…